Discover below our different food wrapping solutions.

At Auvergne Impression, we offer you a complete range of food wrapping solutions for cheeses, chocolates, butters, and foie gras.


Cheese packaging

We offer a range of papers with different appearances and grammages, and laminates in composite materials which improve packaging and preservation, the visual appearance of your cheese products, and a whole range of labels in all sizes to match your cheeses.


Butter packaging

Efficient laminates ensure butter freshness preservation and provide a barrier to moisture. Auvergne Impression will offer you a suitable butter wrapping solution !


Foie Gras packaging

Foie gras requires technical packaging that we can provide you with. Auvergne Impression will offer you a suitable foie gras wrapping solution !


Chocolate packaging

We can manufacture all types of chocolate packaging (for tablets, bars etc...). Auvergne Impression will offer you the most adapted chocolate wrapping solution !