Auvergne Impression offers a wide range of Standard or Tailor-Made and Customizable Products

The whole Papier A. Paviot team is ready to hear you out and assists you through our different services.

Commercial service : to better identify your packaging issues and requirements, our technical sales representatives are waiting for your call.

R & D service : to support you in identifying your product specifications and develop and manufacture innovative solutions.o Quality service: to ensure that your specifications are complied with by monitoring all the system procedures in place, and continually improve all the company’s internal processes.

Logistics service : to guarantee quality transport and compliance with your supply lead times, because we recognise the importance of faultless logistics in increasing your competitiveness.

Technical and after-sales service : to oversee the installation of your packaging machines, support the development of your industrial facilities, train your teams and ensure that your
packaging processes run smoothly.

Order service : taking effective responsibility for your orders, from production to delivery.